Moles and warts, everyone gets them mixed up.

I think people often call warts moles because they don’t like to think they have a wart but there are a couple of easy ways to tell the difference.

The colour is not necessarily the answer because there can be colourless and pigmented of both. One clear way is the feel of them.

If they feel a little squidgy and you can move them around a little or a lot then they are more likely to be a mole.

If they are firm and they do not move about when you touch them and feel quite solid then they are more likely to be a wart.

Both warts and moles can grow hairs too and it’s always best that even if you don’t want the mole or wart removed that you have the hairs removed by a professional. These types of hairs are very deep within the skin and have a rich blood supply so when you wrench them out with tweezers you stimulate that blood supply which will:

  1. Give nourishment to the hair follicle and often make the new growth stronger
  2. For the same reason they feed the wart which can in fact make it grow bigger

A wart arrives through a virus we have in our blood and a mole is often a pattern repeated genetically. It is highly unlikely for a mole to get bigger and if it did then you would need to get it checked by your doctor.

There are many types of moles and warts but if in doubt get them checked and always know that they can be removed easily and quickly.