Mole Removal

molesMoles, nevus or papillomas which are all varieties of what would be considered by most as moles.

There is such a wide variety of naevi that it is often difficult to determine exactly which label they should be given.

The important thing is they are not melanoma (cancer forming) these are easier to detect than you may think and you should always check with your GP if you are in doubt.

They can be flat and pigmented, raised and pigmented, or raised and flesh coloured. Some are also known to have hair growing from them.

Most of these can be treated successfully with SWD cauterised and removed in one treatment.

Advanced Epilation

This simple straight forward treatment can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. I come to you.

The cost is per mole that you wish to have removed. Or if you prefer a set amount can be paid for the hour for example if there is a few to remove in any one treatment.

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Treatment Costs

It all depends on the size of the mole but the cost will be discussed before treatment starts.

One Item Removed£55
30 Minutes Treatment £80
1 Hour Treatment£150
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