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Skin rejuvenation covers a multitude of different concerns on your skin. Most of which have been caused through sun damage, free radicals, direct trauma, illness or medication. The categories are usually assessed in seven stages (detailed below).

It has been discovered that there is a common pattern through the seven tell-tale signs to reveal how far down the ageing process your skin has become.

These include:

20’s – 30’s

1. Dry and tighter skin – caused by a lack of collagen and elastin
2. Discolouration – skin becomes lifeless and dull as a result of decrease in hydration

30’s – 40’s

3. Fine lines and wrinkles – plus all of the above with deeper furrows running from the nose to the mouth
4. Sun or Age Spots – hyper pigmentation caused by UV overexposure
5. Broken veins – these may start to show up as tiny red spots initially

40’s – 50’s

6. Under eye puffiness – common to find that they take longer to subside after you wake
7. Rosacea – visible blood vessels or a reddening of the face. Although Rosacea is a condition that can happen at any age it is more likely to become worse with age and particularly with sun exposure

The IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment can help with all of these skin problems safely and effectively. It works by sending controlled pulses of light directly into the upper layers of the skin which is then absorbed by the body’s own natural chemicals – melanin and haemoglobin in the red blood cells. These convert the light into heat which is used to destroy only the damaged areas of the skin. The fibroblasts within the mast cells of the skin are stimulated to build more collagen which in turn will improve the elasticity, tone and texture of the skin. So if you have a combination of all the above signs, IPL will work on all conditions simultaneously, which in turn will make your skin look younger with visible results after one or two sessions.

neck-after      neck-after
(after 6 treatments)

Typically the treatment will reduce the skins age by 2 years per session hence 5 sessions can give up to a visual reduction of 10 years in the skins texture and tone. Normally 3-5 treatments are required at 3 weekly intervals. Three weeks is considered the period to achieve peak levels of collagen production following treatment.

Results are accumulative, however, with no down-time or after effects, a customer may wish to have a one off treatment to freshen their skin for an important event. One whole face can be treated in 30 minutes. Periodic refreshers may be required every 3-6 months after the initial course.

Success of the treatment varies according to the individual. However the better the diet and lifestyle of the individual and the greater care they take of their skin, the better the result.

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Treatment Costs

Facefrom £220
Mouth Areafrom £100
Face & Neckfrom £295
Face Neck & Chestfrom £350
Neckfrom £165
Nosefrom £65
Crows Feetfrom £100
Chestfrom £120
Foreheadfrom £100
Eyebrowsfrom £40
Upper Lipfrom £60
Cheeksfrom £140

Sometimes treatment areas can be in patches and do not necessarily fit into a specific area. It is easier to suggest a cost based on how many shots (£5 per shot) are required to cover the area.

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