Pigmented Lesions

This category covers a multitude of conditions.


These are tiny raised pigmented lesions on the skin and are often hereditary and can occur in anyone but more so on black skins. They are completely harmless but can appear unsightly if in abundance.

legs-after     legs-before
Results after just 3 treatments

Solar Keratosis

Often known as Liver spots or age spots. These occur through general over exposure to sunlight and is often associated with ageing of the skin. The most common site for these to occur is on the back of the hands.

When they are left they can often get larger and generally crusty or scaly in appearance and often protrude from the surface of the skin. At this point they are often termed as Seborrheic Keratosis (warts).

hand-1-before    hand-1-after
hand-2-before    hand-2-after
Before and after 3 treatments
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Treatment Costs

Facefrom £220
Mouth Areafrom £100
Face & Neckfrom £295
Face Neck & Chestfrom £350
Neckfrom £165
Nosefrom £65
Crows Feetfrom £100
Chestfrom £120
Foreheadfrom £100
Eyebrowsfrom £40
Upper Lipfrom £60
Cheeksfrom £140

Sometimes treatment areas can be in patches and do not necessarily fit into a specific area. It is easier to suggest a cost based on how many shots (£5 per shot) are required to cover the area.

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