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This category includes Thread Veins (broken capillaries) on the legs, hemangiomas, spider naevi and rosacea.

The Treatment of Thread Veins

The skin will have a ruddy tone, usually due to the upper layers of the skin showing areas of couperose, commonly called broken or red veins. Broken veins are classified as dilated capillaries. The medical term is TELANGIECTASES. Small vessels of capillaries or venules are in a static state of dilation due to a variety of different causes.

To understand how this happens you need to imagine almost like tiny elastic bands, which surround the capillaries or venules.

Through natural or forced changes in temperature these tiny bands constrict the capillary to take the blood away from our extremities for example when we are cold to preserve the blood to our major organs or, dilate to allow the blood to move to the surface of the skin when the body needs to cool down when we are hot. If this process is excessive then the tiny bands just simply get worn out or get blocked due to ill health, through neglect of the skin or simply sensitive skin so consequently snap. This means that the blood is in them all of the time and unlike veins the blood in the tiny capillaries or venules are not pumped around the skin as effectively.

The fact that constriction and dilation is not happening means that the blood is not moved on. Therefore it collects and remains static and gives the appearance on the surface as tiny red veins.


Treatment is offered to cauterise the blood within the capillary using SWD (Short-wave-diathermy) using heat via a tiny probe into the capillary or by IPL.

The light is absorbed into the targeted blood vessels causing them to coagulate and break down. There is little or no down time making it the perfect treatment to have in a lunch hour. Typically 4-8 sessions are required.


This is a chronic condition, IPL is an excellent aid to reduce and relieve effects. The treatment is quick and relatively pain free. It is often necessary to do what is called a trigger diary. Often people with this condition find that certain things trigger a flare up of the condition. Carrying out this self assessment can aid your treatment and the home care that you will need to do to help maintain your results.

Typically you need 2-4 sessions to reduce the redness and you may have to maintain the reduction at intervals as the rosacea is an underlying condition.

However if you work out your own personal triggers these maintenance sessions may not be needed or the results can be prolonged. In research notes it appears that this condition lasts between 8-13 years. Usually a combination of antibiotics prescribed by your GP and continual IPL treatments will achieve immediate relief from the condition.


Experience has shown me that treatments may only have to be repeated 2 or maybe 3 times a year. Anyone with this condition will understand how fantastic this is.

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Treatment Costs

Facefrom £220
Mouth Areafrom £100
Face & Neckfrom £295
Face Neck & Chestfrom £350
Neckfrom £165
Nosefrom £65
Crows Feetfrom £100
Chestfrom £120
Foreheadfrom £100
Eyebrowsfrom £40
Upper Lipfrom £60
Cheeksfrom £140

Sometimes treatment areas can be in patches and do not necessarily fit into a specific area. It is easier to suggest a cost based on how many shots (£5 per shot) are required to cover the area.

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