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wartWarts are similar but are differentiated by the fact that they have a central core and are related to a viral infection and are therefore contagious and can spread.

Verruca is the correct term for warts and they can be in the form of flat, common, filoform, plantar and donut.

The most common are verrucas which we associate with the feet, plantar and filoform. Again they are removed using cauterisation with SWD but sometimes have to be removed in stages due to the nature of the core which grows down below the surface of the skin.

If the core is not removed even just a tiniest part is left behind it can grow back. Therefore it is crucial to take your time to remove the wart correctly.

Advanced Epilation

This simple straight forward treatment can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. I come to you.

The cost is per wart that you wish to have removed. Or if you prefer a set amount can be paid for the hour for example if there is a few to remove in any one treatment.

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Treatment Costs

It all depends on the size of the wart but the cost will be discussed before treatment starts.

One Item Removed£60
30 Minutes Treatment £90
1 Hour Treatment£170
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