Chloasma or Melasma

I come across this so often with clients. Is it a birthmark is it melasma or is it chloasma and what is the difference?

The main difference is that it is from birth (congenital) or not. Initially it’s that simple.

If the pigmentation in the skin has been evident from birth then it is likely to be a birth Mark.

There is conflicting ideas about melasma or chloasma being that in the same but I would suggest there is a differentiation.

In my opinion the two can be categorised in the following way:

Melasma I feel is created through systemic conditions such as pregnancy, other hormonal influences and/or disorders or as a direct result of certain medications.

Chloasma is created more through environmental influences, non systemic in their arrival. Mostly from sun damage or trauma to the skins surface form injury or accident.

This differentiation means therefore that chloasma can be eliminated or at least made better by IPL treatment. However melasma as long as it is influenced by the underlying systemic reasons then it can never be treated. In my opinion if attempted to be treated then the condition could be made worse.