How IPL (intense pulsed light) can help Acne and the scarring it can leave behind

The treatment of IPL helps to restore and rebalance. The way it helps with scar tissue is that the light omitted stimulates the fibroblasts that form new collagen production within the skin cells. This therefore brings renewed cells in the area that after 5 treatments (minimum) will be in peak condition.
The balancing of the skin occurs due to the cellular chaos which is brought about by the omitted light. Because stimulation occurs at a cellular level the automatic response if the skin and systems within our bodies is to put that chaos right. The blood circulation and lymphatic system helps to restore that chaos and in doing so re balances sebaceous secretions, supplety of the skin is improved, evenness of the tone of the skin and nourishment to the skin all of which will help to repair and protect the skin. The natural desquamation of the skin will be improved which in turn gives again an evenness to the skins surface.
Scaring can only be improved marginally if on tissue that has become fibrous and will therefore look less obvious. If however the scaring is more superficial then the appearance will be improved more dramatically.